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SCOREVideos – Big Tit Redhead Destiny Rose – Ready For Your Sponge Bath?

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SCOREVideos.comDestiny Rose is a big tit redhead dancer from Ohio who debuted in February ’10 Voluptuous magazine. One of the many props Destiny inspired was “Great figure and great poses. I just love these Midwest girls. Can’t wait to see more of Destiny in the future.” You can find Destiny on SCOREVideos in a sexy solo video, stripping completely naked and fingering herself.

Since then, Destiny teamed up with such amazing girls as Kaytee Carter to star in the DVD More To Fuck, a parody of shows like The Bachelor. We’d been chasing big tit redhead Destiny ever since, hoping she would consider trying a boy-girl scene. She’s a lusty, busty, horny girl with a hot sex life so we imagined her doing the deed here.

Destiny wasn’t sure and it took about a year, but ultimately she decided to try it, proving that patience is more than a virtue and that everything cums to he who waits, especially sexy redheads. As things turned out, Destiny really took to the action and proved to be an awesome boobie call. She turned out to be very vocal too in the heat of the ride, saying things like “Come on my fucking face!” and “Fuck my little pussy!” Wow! The redhead just plain loves sex and hard wood. She’s the real deal. But we felt that she would be.

Destiny‘s first XXX scene “Cowgirl’s First Time Ride,” is playing over at SCORELAND. This is her second scene, “Ready For Your Sponge Bath?” Sounds like a nurse adventure? Absolutely!

Destiny is bustin’ out of her angel of mercy uniform to heal this malingering goldbricker with her skilled tongue, lips, tits and sweet pussy-hole. But first, big tit redhead Destiny begins her therapy with a sponge bath to get her patient’s meat thermometer squeaky clean, just the way a nurse likes ’em. Every man needs a nurse like Destiny Rose to drain every drop with her huge tits! When she gets tired of dancing, a career as a nurse is our advice!

SCOREVideos - Ready For Your Sponge Bath?, Destiny Rose, Big Tit Redhead, Redhead, busty nurse, SCOREVideos,, Big Tits, hardcore

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SCOREVideos – It Takes Two To Handle Naughty Alysha

SCOREVideos - It Takes Two To Handle Naughty Alysha, Naughty Alysha, Big Tits, Busty, BBW, Big Ass, hardcore, SCORE Group
SCOREVideos – It Takes Two To Handle Naughty Alysha!

SCOREVideos.comNaughty Alysha actually started out at Naughty Neighbors in the January 2003 issue and the NN movie Amateur Sluts. Over time, big-boobed Alysha Morgan got more and more into the adult scene and has made a name for herself as a totally wild chick specializing in public nudity, huge toys, super-flexible fucking, swinging, gang bangs, cream pies, black cock worship and gaping pussy exposure. She’s not your average soccer mom from Florida.

Originally, Alysha did it all for fun as a dirty, nasty hobby. Then it became a homegrown career as her cult popularity grew. There’s one thing that married-with-children, 40 year-old Alysha doesn’t do. Ass-fucking…with one exception. She will let her second husband–the one she fucked for the Naughty camera years back–fill her anus. Other than that, it could be said that Alysha is a sexually liberated woman. SCORE is happy to greet Naughty Alysha and her horny, amazingly resilient fuck-hole. In her SCOREVideos debut, Alysha takes on two veteran stunt-dicks, Mr. Largo and Sergio.

They get comfy on the couch and the two guys suck on her tits, one to each man. Alysha wants cocks in her face so they drop their pants and she goes for the double blow and hand job. Sergio eats Alysha’s cunt while she blows Largo. Now to the fucking. Mr. Largo provides the first log for Alysha’s pussy. He lies back and she sits on it while sucking Sergio. This is just for starters. They use Alysha’s body in as many different positions as the three of them can think of.

Alysha is also talented at taking facials and cum-eating. See more Alysha videos and pictorials at You may get hooked on her!

Thank you, Naughty Alysha. Cum again! All over the place. She does it all with a smile on her face.

SCOREVideos - It Takes Two To Handle Naughty Alysha, Naughty Alysha, Big Tits, Busty, BBW, Big Ass, hardcore, SCORE Group

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SCOREVideos – “Stick What Up My Ass?”

SCOREVideos - "Stick What Up My Ass?", Stephanie Stalls, Big Tits, Busty, BBW, Big Ass, anal, hardcore, SCOREvideos – Professional dickslinger Mr. Largo passes by the SCORE dressing room and sees a pair of sexy legs that go up all the way and make an absolute ass out of themselves. A very nice ass. The girl is bent over, adjusting her very high heels. Who is it? “Oh shit, that’s Stephanie Stalls,” Mr. Largo says to himself. “I banged her the last time she was here.” He did indeed in the SCORE machine shop in Tool Time Girl! “I remember her being wild. She likes all kinda freaky stuff. Know what? I bet she has no idea I’m banging her today in an anal scene.” Ah, the boring life of a hired stud.

Largo walks over to Stephanie and gives her ass a good smack. Stephanie spins around and says “Who the hell…?” Then recognizes Largo. They hug it out and Largo gives her a spin, complimenting Stephanie on her super-busty stripper body.

“Wait a minute. Am I fucking you today?” she asks him with a puzzled look. Looks like the discussion is going to turn to Largo’s above-average dick. “Why don’t you let me see it?” Like he’s going to say no? The camera’s rolling. Juan pulls his firehose out of his fly and Stephanie squats in front of him. She palms it and marvels at how big it is, comparing it to her forearm. A wide smile and a look of happiness crosses her lips. “That is so huge,” she gushes. Can she take it all? “Sure,” Stephanie says. “But first you’re gonna have to lube me up with a butt plug.”

Stephanie sits back in the make-up chair and takes off her panties. “Look what I have for you,” says Largo, waving a big rubber dildo as big as his own dick. Stephanie opens her legs wide and Largo sticks the fake cock into her butthole, opening it up. Stephanie likes that. She now likes toys and cocks in her ass. Don’t forget she did her first anal video at SCORELAND. Now she’s into getting ass-fucked. It’s opened up a “hole” new world of sensation to her.

Stephanie‘s opened and ready now from her ass exercise. She’s not going to get more ready than now.

He escorts her to the bedroom and begins warming her up by sucking on her nipples, squeezing, fondling and fucking her huge tits, and fingering both holes with one hand. She’s way hot to be butt-drilled now. A girl doesn’t get more ready than now. How in the hell is Stephanie going to get his thick, long junk all the way inside her tight tush? He didn’t piston her badunkadunk last time, just her juicy cunt. Seeing is believing. And never forget. Stephanie Stalls is not a sex object.

Whenever there’s a chance for hot sex, Stephanie never objects.

SCOREVideos - "Stick What Up My Ass?", Stephanie Stalls, Big Tits, Busty, BBW, Big Ass, anal, hardcore, SCOREvideos

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SCOREVideos – “But Professor…I’m A Stripper!”

SCOREVideos - "But Professor...I'm A Stripper!", Destiny Rose, Big Tits, MILFs, BBW, Big Ass, hardcore, SCORE, SCORE Group
SCOREVideos – "But Professor…I’m A Stripper!" – When last we saw this soft and bosomy redhead, curvaceous and sexy Destiny Rose was nursing a man and his cock and she looked especially tasty in her nurse’s uniform. That healing was a big success. Now Destiny is back in college but her nightly activities are impacting her studies so she goes to see Professor DeSergio. She wants to speak to him about a grade she received.

It’s not that she’s been partying and not studying. It’s because she’s dancing at a strip club at night and needs her tuition money. The Professor acts surprised. “Don’t act like you don’t know,” Destiny tells him. “I’ve seen you at the club twice this week already. Sitting in the back….” That’s because the Professor is a SCORE Man and loves big tits. Caught! But Destiny doesn’t like the guys trying to pick her up every night at the club. She wants the Professor’s pointer. Right now. In his office.

She decides to give him one of her popular friction dances in his office right there to prime the pump. He goes out of his mind as she grinds his groin with her amazing butt and pummels his head with her awe-inspiring tits. Their clothes come off and they suck, kiss, lick, stick and fuck all over the office; on the desk and on the couch.

What a hot fuck Destiny is! It took her a while to finally decide to go all the way but she is well worth the wait! She is the real deal. She is fucking amazing. Better late than never! Destiny makes the grade and the Professor decides to give her a special surprise when it’s time to cum in “But Professor…I’m A Stripper!” Can you guess what it is?

SCOREVideos - "But Professor...I'm A Stripper!", Destiny Rose, Big Tits, MILFs, BBW, Big Ass, hardcore, SCORE, SCORE Group

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Brittany Elizabeth: Three Cheers For Big Tits!

SCORELand – Brittany Elizabeth: Three Cheers For Big Tits!

Brittany Elizabeth: Three Cheers For Big Tits! Brittany Elizabeth’s excitement and exuberance leaps out of the monitor when she introduces her video. Being a SCORE Girl is something she’s wanted very badly. She’s a high-energy lady.

Brittany has the great bod, the huge, huge tits and the pretty face. And she can talk the talk. If you love to hear jerk-off encouragement coming from a hottie with a sexy voice, Brittany will blow your pants off!

Brittany knew about SCORE from her husband, from seeing the magazine and from friends. Born in Florida and now living in Hawaii, she naturally loves spending time at the beach!

Her Twitter is @thebrittanyxoxo and her Instagram is brittanyelizabethofficial!

Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Country Girl

Linsey Dawn McKenzie - Country Girl, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, LINSEYSWORLD.COM, SCORE, pornstar, big tit, big tits, busty hardcore

Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Country Girl!

LINSEYSWORLD.COM – “You’re a stranger to Croyden County, ain’t ya, Mister? What’s in the suitcase? Bra samples! Mmm, nuthin’ a decent gal could wear. Well, Goober’s fillin’ station ain’t open until 6am so you’re a’gonna have to spend the night here. In the morning, I can run you over and get your tire fixed. Now, I hope you don’t mind none but we got a right small place here. So you’re gonna have ta sleep in my daughter Linsey’s room.

Don’t mind her none’. That young’un can go on all night a’chatting. She just loves to meet strangers. Gotta warn ya, she done like to talk a lot of that thar sexy stuff. Ah guess it’s because thar ain’t much to do ’round these parts so mebbe she can get a little perky when she meets a new face. It’s all I can do to keep those farm hands offen her when I got my back turned, ’cause she done got the biggest taters in Croyden County and she sure do like to show them off! I’ve had to pepper my share of backsides with buckshot from old Betsy here, y’know.

Now I gotta warn ya that the walls are right thin and I sleep next door. So I don’t wanna hear any monkey business or you, me and Betsy here are gonna have a meetin’. So you go right on up and knock on Linsey’s door. She’ll be right pleased for the company tonight. Sleep tight and the outhouse is to the right. If you need anything, just holler.”

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BUSTYMERILYN.COM – Merilyn Sakova – Striptease!

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BUSTYMERILYN.COM – In this new video, Merilyn dances, wearing a sensational orange outfit. It’s one of the sexiest costumes she’s ever worn. K.D. is full of praise. “Merilyn has a look in her eyes that I don’t see in many of the other girls. It’s a mix of brattiness, horniness and a hard to describe gaze that says ‘I have what you want. Enjoy me.’ That look and that hot body of her has been inducing me to dump many loads since her first photos.”

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Karina Hart – The Joy Of Spreading

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Karina Hart – The Joy Of Spreading!

Karina Hart – Let’s answer some member mail!

L.H. from Wantagh, New York, writes, “Dear Karina. I hope you don’t find this question to be too forward, but do you shave your pussy every day?”

Responded Karina, “Yes, absolutely! A girl must if she has a shaved pussy, otherwise stubble will grow in and it’ll start to itch. Besides, when I reach down there (which is just about every day!), I love to feel the softness. I know some men prefer women with hair down there, and some women like it, too, but personally, I think I look best with a hairless pussy.” Hey, good question, L.H. And great answer, Karina!

G.Z, from London, England, writes, “In your pictures and videos, you seem to be having a lot of fun doing what you’re doing. Most girls would be self-conscious about showing off their naked boobs and spreading their pussy, but you’re not.” Uh, G.Z., was there a question in there that we missed?

Regardless, Karina responded, “I look like I’m having fun because I am! I think I was given this gift, which is my body, and I enjoy showing it off for your pleasure. I am getting pleasure, too!” Thanks for the responses, Karina. But we don’t think you’re getting as much pleasure as we are!

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Merilyn Sakova – Kitchen Aide

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BUSTYMERILYN.COM – “I loved Merilyn in the 2-piece in the Bikini Beach layout,” says G.T. “My 2nd favorite was the Work Out photo shoot. I’d like to see more photos of her in regular clothes. I hate shots of big-boobed women in bras that are too small! What looks good is big-boobed women in bras that fit! Put the girl in regular clothes. And have more than two shots of her with them on.”

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Puma Swede – Big-Boobed Bimbo Bang Bang!

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Puma Swede in Big-Boobed Bimbo Bang Bang!

BigTitHooker – The hottest fucking street whore you’ve ever seen is standing by a dumpster, of all places, dressed like the hottest fucking street whore you’ve ever seen. Tiny skirt. Tits pouring out of her top. Smoking a cigarette like the sexy fucking slut that she is. She waves you down, but she’s already got your attention. You know what you want. She knows what you want. Now it’s all about the negotiation, and she’s holding all the cards.

“My name is Puma,” she says, like you give a shit. All you care about is her tits and pussy. You make up a name for yourself, erase any suspicion that she’s a cop (she already grabbed your cock to make sure) and go back to your room. Can she possibly be as good as she looks? Sure she can.

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