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Given the opportunity, no hooter-loving man could resist burying his face between Kristi Maxx‘s luscious lady-melons. They are soft, natural and heavy. Kristi debuted on SCORELAND and the props were fast and heavy. “What a beautiful girl!” offered spoolhookerone77. “I could get lost in those big beautiful dark eyes! Great body that she is not shy about, thanks, SCORE, for a really great discovery.” “Love that chocolate booty and big titties. I jerked off so hard my mom heard me scream,” commented Clifford. In Kristi‘s second video, “A New Star Is Boned,” here at, Kristi‘s cleavage is so deep, a man’s face is sucked into it like a whirpool of fleshy pleasures. Yes, those puppies are all-natural. He can’t keep his mouth off ’em! They’re tits for his taking and he’d be a fool not to milk the moment! The two play nipple and knocker games for a long stretch. Kristi‘s video-date peels back her sexy lingerie so he can finger-bang her while Kristi lies across his lap and sucks his dick hard, tonguing and kissing his stiffy. She wraps her large love pillows around the shaft and uses her hands to slide them up and down. Those magnificent mams are cock magnets. If you are a tit-man, you need to fuck tits like hers. She must get hit on every day by countless dudes. Kristi gets on her back so her boobs can be fucked in trad style and the look on Kristi‘s face says how much she enjoys that. Kristi wants her pussy fucked and makes that very request to Johnny who looks like he could fuck her tits for another ten minutes. But Kristi needs his pole splitting her pink-hole. Her wish is his command and so he gets to work ramming his extra-thick dick into her. Where will Kristi get that cum? On her quivering pompoms? In her succulent cunt? In her hungry mouth? That would be telling! So when the scene’s over, say your piece and leave a message for Kristi. Welcum to SCORE, Kristi Maxx!

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